SECURITY GLOBAL offers professional security services to distinguished clientele throughout the world.

SECURITY GLOBAL is dedicated to protecting your life, your personal freedom, your loved ones, employees and your hard-earned assets. Do not let anyone take these from you. 



We are not a bodyguard company. Bodyguards do not protect you in a high-risk environment. Protecting you, your loved ones, your employees and your assets is much more involved than following you around waiting for the threat to show up.

SECURITY GLOBAL provides a multi layered security network designed to protect you in your particular environment and threat level. It starts with our first response team of professional operatives, including K-9 and bomb dogs to provide initial physical security. A comprehensive threat assessment is immediately launched to determine your vulnerability. Using our intelligence and counterintelligence methods, this threat assessment is a constant on-going operation designed to feed intelligence to our security team so that we can prepare for any change in risk to the target (YOU). This way the only ones who get surprised is the enemy. But it does not stop here. We do not wait for the enemy to come to their target (YOU). We take the threat to the enemy. We make it extremely dangerous and costly for any person or organization trying to harm you. They soon wish they had picked a different target.  .


Activities of SECURITY GLOBAL are based on the following principles:

the rule of law, legitimacy, observation of human rights and freedoms, equality of persons before the law, parity, compatibility between publicity and confidentiality, service discipline and political neutrality.


Traveling Executives


Many executives have effective personal security programs while at their place of primary business or residence. Providing that same level of security while the executive is traveling is logistically challenging and cost prohibitive. Executives travel with greater frequency, and often to new and unfamiliar destinations. It is precisely during these trips that the executive is at the greatest risk.


Protection Details


Kidnappings and murders are now a way of life in Latin America, in many countries in Africa and other developing nations. Kidnappers are becoming much bolder, kidnapping groups of people, and are much more sophisticated. The perpetrators are researching and watching potential victims for months. In a lot of cases the kidnappers know the victim’s backgrounds and net worth prior to the abduction. If you are a high-profile person in Latin America or many countries in Africa such as Libya, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Sudan and others foreign nationals regularly do business and are part of NGO’s, it is not a matter of if there will be a kidnapping attempt on you, but only a matter of when. Doing business in Latin American and the above African countries is extremely dangerous.


24/7 Support


Our clients expect centralized support that helps them mitigate risk and respond quickly to emergencies around the world. By closely aligning our operation to match the way that our clients run their businesses, our operations centres play a crucial role in our clients’ success. The advisory staff at our operations centres uses the latest technology to track, minute-by-minute, the status of on-going engagements and urgent service requests as well as to coordinate emergency response requests from clients around the world.

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SECURITY GLOBAL LTD is registered in England and Wales. Company number: 07843952