SECURITY GLOBAL was formed to ensure professionalism in the management of security operations at the highest level. SECURITY GLOBAL as an established and recognised worldwide professional organisation provides, in accordance with growing demand, a specialized unrivalled service to industry/commerce.

Executive Protection & Travel Management


This service is intended for International Corporations, executives and private individuals working or travelling at home or abroad. We at Security Global understand that employees are a corporation's greatest asset. Security Global will provide an all around service for travelling executives tailored for each client in full cooperation with the corporation's security manager.


The service will include:

  • Prevention - Security Global will work closely with the corporate security manager in pre-visit preparations. Our personnel will review the planned schedule; patrol the sites on the itinerary and asses the risks at each site. We will ensure a flowing, time saving visit providing safety and peace of mind day and night.
  • Travel Management - Our TM department will coordinate and supervise transportation and logistic services. We will provide solutions to any unexpected logistic problem, 24/7.
  • Close Protection - Our personal security teams are led by officers with vast experience and knowledge due to their military and governmental backgrounds. Combined with a business orientated approach the executives and VIPs will be able to travel freely and safely.

Close protection for permanent resident Executives


For local Executives and VIPs where their long/permanent residence is at home or abroad, there are certain situations which demand a more permanent & total security plan.


Where required we will supply a "Total Security Ring". Teams will be led by Professional Bodyguards, cooperating with highly skilled, local security officers, trained by the Law Enforcement Agencies.


Our local officers are trained by the best experts in the field providing security of the highest level.

We understand your security needs.

Professional Secure Transportation


  • Personalized Travel Security Agents - Agents will be familiar with all of the routes and locations on the itinerary including possible alternatives (hotels, meeting locations, hospitals, airports, etc.).


  • All agents will speak fluent English and be business orientated.


  • Door to Door Security - Upon arrival at a hotel a PTSA will remain with the client until he is checked in and settled. The agent will assist in case of a necessary relocation.

Technology & Equipment


In any security plan the technological components may be imperative in order to complete the optimal solution provided. Security Global has gained a vast experience with equipment and technology from its personnel’s background some in the Special Forces and all in the field of Executive protection.


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The historical roots of SECURITY GLOBAL LTD for security ad protection dating from 1995. Since 2011 SECURITY GLOBAL LTD exists in its current form.


With over 75+ years combined experience in the secret service, government and commercial, surveillance and security experience, our staff collectively has a diverse and unique background in the world of global intelligence. Our industry experience serves our customers well while allowing us to work more effectively with them.




Has over 20+ years of significant Secret Service, Government and Commercial operations, surveillance and security experience. He has served in the VIP Protection Department under the Ministry of the Interior and has personally provided Security and Protection service in Government and Civilian arenas to Presidents and Prime Ministers.

He holds degree in Police Law, Security and Risk Management, and is Certified Protection Professional, and remains operational in the management and commanding of Security operations world-wide.



Has over 21+ years of significant government experience. Civil and Military high education. He has served in Air Force, National Armed Forces (NAF) HQ and MoD.

While serving in Ministry of Defence was coordinator and leading expert of the National Air Surveillance & Control, MoD Telecommunication network (ATT), CAA (Agency of Civil Aircraft of the Ministry of transport) 'Air patrol Procedures ('AIRPOLICING') national Air space by forces of the Air Forces of NATO', 'Open sky' command by OSCE, NATO Standardization and Technical Specifications in the NAF HQ.



Has over 19+ years of significant government experience. He has served in the Special Forces of the Ministry of Interior and Police Anti-Terrorist operational unit.

He personally provided high risk arrests including detaining armed criminals, hostages rescue operations, VIP security, undercover operations, etc.

He ascended to the high-ranking position of Chief of Staff of special battalion.